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Aero Textile Ducting (A.T.C) are a designer and manufacturer of fabric duct and diffusers

Based in Lyon, France, engineer bespoke diffusion systems to suit the requirements of the project, Airneo range is suitable for all environments, swimming pools, leisure centres, distribution centres, shopping malls, food processing, clean rooms to office blocks.

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For over 30 years, ATC has been offering optimized air-diffusion solutions for all types of air-treatment application. ATC designs, builds and services air conduits and diffusers made from textiles. ATC’s mission is to master and to guarantee aeraulic performance.

What are textile ducts used for?

  • Textile ducting is a technology for refrigerating, air-conditioning, refreshing, ventilating or heating an atmosphere or even for transporting treated air.
  • It can be used in all types of application: industry, public buildings, very high buildings, food-processing plants, logistics buildings, tertiary activities, etc.
  • Thanks to ATC’s know-how, recognized both in France and elsewhere, the “AIRNEO by ATC” range is widely approved by thermal and fluid design offices, refrigeration and air-conditioning installers, heating and cooling engineers, etc.
  • Opting for ATC products is a guarantee for possessing a top-quality air diffusion system, adapted to end-user requirements.

Why choose textile ducting rather than traditional sheet-metal ducting?

Savings in all respects

Duct system design

Studies and sizing

Design of an aeraulic network must take account of various different, independent criteria:

  • Δt (the difference between the ambient temperature and the blowing temperature)
  • Air circulation rate
  • Air-flow
  • Type of diffusion
  • The shape of air diffusers
  • The height of textile diffusers
  • Static pressure available
  • Diffusion distance
  • Layout possibilities

ATC relies on a design office whose mission is to design and validate the most efficient technical solution depending on the airflow result required.

An individual study is made for every project, which enables us to design made-to-measure solutions for all applications.

The ATC design office analyses:

  • The end-user application
  • The type of premises and conditions for installing networks
  • The aeraulic result required
  • Any specific constraints

The ATC design office recommends

  • A choice of textile in the Airnéo range
  • A type of diffusion (energy, micro-energy, radiant, impulsion)
  • A suitable type of support (rail, cable, reed, profile, etc.)
  • Fitting accessories

Different Types of Diffusion

Textile ducting: The choice of performance

Benefits of using ATC fabric duct systems:

Suitable for use with heating and cooling air distribution
Linear diffusion, by the made to measure distribution perforation to suit individual project requirements
Complete air distribution, resulting in consistent temperatures
Effective and efficient air distribution
Lightweight providing easy installation
Cost saving for transportation to site, due to compact delivery
Cost saving of purchase price and installation time against solid duct systems
Entire duct runs of fabric, including bends, transformation pieces and diffusers
Bespoke design & aesthetic, standard RAL colour range and potential screen printed ductsA range of suspension systems are available, cables (galvanised or stainless steel), rails (Aluminium Twist n Fix), profile (PVC) and support fixings

Options and accessories: choice, reliability and ease of use

Installation, which will allow removal from one end, when cleaning duct system, ie in pool halls to negate the requirement to drain pools to allow access structures for solid duct systems.

Fabric duct systems are available in circular, semi-circular, quarter circle (to run in the cornice of the room) or elliptical.

Additional features available are the Curve, a hooped structure installed within the duct to provide the appearance of inflation when system is non-operational or the Lumen, where a light source can be incorporated, to highlight your logo or advertising messages.

Washable fabric – a cleaning service is available with ATC when a bacterial analysis would be undertaken and report provided on the quality of your system.

Powerful computer tools

Realism, a digital simulation tool
Aéro Textile Concept (ATC) has developed REALISM, a digital simulation offer for modelling airflows and simulating real phenomena.

Digital simulation is a major asset for:

  • Validating the final aeraulic result for an installation during the preliminary project phase (processes, very high premises, etc.)
  • Carrying out a much more accurate and in-depth analysis of an aeraulic network than by physical tests by perfectly recreating the atmospheric conditions in the premises concerned.

Where are ATC based?

The head offices are in France, at Brignais in the Rhône-Alpes region. ATC are also present in Mexico with ATC de Mexico and via a distributor network (Turkey, UAE, etc.) Each entity has its own production shop to be able to cover its markets’ specific requirements.

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