Multicone Diffuser

Suitable for both supply or return air and ceiling mounting. The multicone diffuser has two position settings so the core can be set to achieve either horizontal (fitted as standard) or vertical air patterns.

Slot Diffuser

Fully manufactured from aluminium extrusion, our slot diffuser has been designed for either ceiling or wall mounting. All individual slots are fully adjustable to give three different air patterns to achieve comfort criteria within the occupied zone. The slot diffuser can be supplied with up to 8 slots and manufactured in any length to suit site requirements.

BTO Step Type Diffuser

Suitable for mounting in the Step Riser to supply air within Auditoriums and General Assembly Rooms. The High Induction effect of the Twist Outlet creates rapid decay of both the supply air velocity and temperature differential within very close proximity to the diffuser. The subsequent low velocity air displaces the warm, polluted air leaving a comfortable environment for the occupant.

BCD Circular Diffuser

Multiple circular cone diffuser c/w fixed core suitable for both supply and extract and usually mounted in exposed ductwork applications. Available with flap damper and fixing bracket for duct mounting.

BLFT Type Perf Diffuser

The BLFT Diffuser has been designed to work with Low Free Area Tiles – typically 23% – enabling the use of standard metal ceiling tiles. This creates a consistent ceiling with no visible signs of the diffuser from within the occupied zone. Nominal Sizes: 300, 330, 400, 500, 600. Mounting Height: 2.4 – 3.5 metres.
P4W - Perforated Face Deflectrol

P4W – Perforated Deflectrol Diffuser

Suitable for supply and extract air and can be mounted to suit most ceiling tile arrangements. The perforated face offers a discreet appearance within the ceiling and is hinged to allow access to the deflectrols which can be rotated to alter the air discharge pattern – 4, 3, 2 or 1 Way.
Air Valves

Air Valves

Available as supply or return air valves. Manufactured from steel sheet and painted RAL 9010 as standard. The regulation of the airflow is achieved by turning the control disc (+ or -) and can be locked in position.

BDL Drum Louvres

Suitable for either duct or wall mounting. Drum Louvres are generally used where high amounts of air are requiring long air jet throws. Typically used in Workshops, Retail areas, Swimming Pools and Sports Halls. The drum and guide vanes are adjustable to give control over the air pattern for both heating and cooling.
P4W - Perforated Face Deflectrol

BFS Floor Swirl

Our Floor Swirl Diffuser is suitable for heavy duty use and is available in either Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Mild Steel. Nominal Neck Sizes: 200 Dia. Alternative Face Patterns available.
Air Valves

BJN Adjustable Jet Nozzle

Suitable for Sidewall positioning to distribute warm or cool air into large open spaces. It is adjustable to 360o to allow the air discharge to be directed to suit specific site requirements whilst excellent induction of room air gives comfortable conditions within the occupied zone.

PFS Floor Swirl

Our Polycarbonate Floor Swirl Diffuser is suitable for use in raised floor air distribution systems. The pattern of the diffuserplate is designed to achieve high induction rates of room air which optimizes mixing for maximum comfort conditions but very importantly, achieves low plenum pressure. The dust collection basket is removable for cleaning and acts as a hit and miss damper. Supplied in Grey RAL 7037 as standard.

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