Air Valves

Available as supply or return air valves. Manufactured from steel sheet and powder coated RAL 9010 as standard. Regulation of the air flow is achieved by turning the control discs to change adjustment dimensions.

Jet Nozzles

Suitable for sidewall positioning to distribute warm or cool air into large open spaces. It is adjustable to 360° to allow the air discharge to be directed to suit specific site requirements whilst excellent induction of room air gives comfortable conditions within the occupied zone.

Floor Swirl

Suitable for floor mounting to supply air within auditoriums and general assembly rooms. The low velocity of the supply air displaces the warm, polluted air leaving a comfortable environment for the occupant. The calibrated perforated baffle acts as a self balancing damper, ensuring an even distribution of the supply air from a floor void when serving a number of outlets.

Drum Louvre

Drum Louvres are specially designed for installation in cooling and heating applications and deliver air with an extremely long throw. Their combined design and performance make them ideally suited for installation in large spaces. Manufactured to provide both horizontal and vertical control of the air stream. Suitable for installation in a wide range of applications.

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