LTHW & Gas Warm Air Heating

Heating and ventilation units are used to heat large-size spaces

Our range of suspended warm air heaters is composed by two series of products:

  • KONDENSA, suspended condensing and modulating warm air heater, with efficiency up to 108%
  • RAPID PRO, modulating warm air heater,

The two ranges, provide different performances and efficiency, are characterized by:

  • high quality materials, such as AISI 441 stainless steel, pre-painted panels and advanced electronic burner control system
  • premix combustion system with very low polluting emissions
  • innovative and efficient production systems
  • reliability and safety guaranteed by a 100% factory test.
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As industry leaders for the design, manufacture and marketing of HVAC products that stand out for their quality and for their compliance with environmental standards, Apen Group’s R&D staff are deeply committed to the setup of products that assure low polluting emissions, high efficiency and minimum consumption, thereby assuring optimum heating and conditioning, from small residential spaces to large industrial buildings.
Clean Combustion
The burner that fully premix air and gas, features the new suspended heaters with:

  • No carbon monoxide emissions – CO=0;
  • Very low nitrogen oxides emissions, approximately 30 ppm;
  • Low emission of CO2, due to high combustion efficiency and to reduction of fuel consumption arising from heat output modulation.

Innovation and Technology
The microprocessor-based electronic card, of KONDENSA and PLUS heaters, regulates continuous modulation of heat output and controls both the burner’s fan for air/gas mixing and the gas valve.

Guaranteed Safety
An advanced technique of air/gas mixing guarantees total safety. The gas valve delivers gas according to the air/gas ratio set in factory. If combustion air fails, the gas valve closes. If combustion air decreases, the valve automatically reduces gas flow while maintaining optimal combustion parameters.

Safety and Control Devices
Safety and control devices are composed by

  1. Safety thermostat with manual reset and positive safety.
  2. Electronic ignition device for the burner and ionisation flame control device.
  3. Ignition and flame detection electrodes.

Modularity System
The subdivision of the total thermal input into more heaters installed, allows to rationalize the system: “zone” management of the supply of thermal power and integration of thermal power limited to the installation of new devices.

Direct Thermal Exchange,

No Hydraulic System,

No Intermediate Fluid:
The thermal energy produced by the heater is transferred to the air of the local by means of a direct heat exchange with the products of combustion, which flow within a “sealed” circuit respect to the heated ambience. The absence of intermediate fluid prevents the realization of the hydraulic system and the inherent problems in the freezing water. In a few minutes the ambience begins to heat due to the lack of thermal inertia.

No Need For A Heat Plant
Warm air heaters can be installed in the spaces to be heated, therefore do not require a separate room nor an enclosure that would reduce useful space.

Summer Ventilation
It is possible to set heaters in summer ventilation mode, by activating the ventilation, so to improve the comfort of the ambience (in which they are installed).

Versatility of Installation
The heaters of the serie PLUS and RAPID can also be installed hanged to the ceiling through eyebolts or with downwards air blow.

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