Serie LK Condensing and Modulating Warm Air Heater


  • high quality materials, such as AISI 441 stainless steel, pre-painted panels and advanced electronic burner control system
  • premix combustion system with very low polluting emissions
  • innovative and efficient production systems
  • reliability and safety guaranteed by a 100% factory test.
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Technical Features:

  • Outputs range from 5 kW to 97 kW;
  • Sealed combustion circuit;
  • INOX AISI 441 stainless steel combustion chamber, INOX AISI 441 stainless steel exchanger tubes and fume collection box made of low carbon content;
  • Efficiency up to 108% referred to the lower heating value (Hi);
  • Premixed gas modulating burner, low NOx emissions in class 5, in compliance with EN 1020 2009 standards;
  • Electronic card with continuous modulation of power, controlled by a microprocessor, which allows energy savings of up to 50%;
  • Very high reduction of air stratification;
  • An advanced technique of air/gas mixing guarantees total heater safety;
  • Safety thermostat and condensate control sensor;
  • 230V/1ph/50Hz supply voltage;
  • In compliance with all applicable EC regulations (0476CQ0451);
  • A version of suspended heater KONDENSA serie LK with centrifugal fan and mixing box is available upon request.

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