Low surface temperature (LST) for healthcare, nursing homes and vulnerable users

The EasyClean LST range of products have been designed in cooperation with the NHS and major Assisted Living providers as an alternative to traditional LST radiators and covers, overhead radiant panels and under floor heating.

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EasyClean is a completely sealed radiant skirting trim, is simple to fit and above all easy to clean in service – usually by the regular cleaning staff when cleaning the floors. This eliminates the need for any deep clean teams, and any necessary corridor and room obstructions, when LST radiator covers are removed for service.

EasyClean is naturally low surface temperature, but with a rapid response time on & off, it is a perfect alternative to under floor heating in bedroom and living space environments. No overheating or underheating, and no complaints from staff of tired legs and feet, from standing on heated floors all day.

EasyClean is ‘above ground’ but not overhead, it is simple to install or retrofit, and provides the perfect heating pattern for those who might find ceiling heating uncomfortable and behaviour changing.

The EasyClean system has been designed to be robust and reliable, and with a number of patented features to protect persons who might self-harm, or have challenging behaviour that could lead to damage to other fixtures and fittings.

The EasyClean system comprises an aluminium profile in several sizes, and colours, through which warm water passes by way of 2 or more oval tubes moulded into the back. Despite being only 20mm deep, and thus extremely discreet and unobtrusive, the system is able to heat virtually any occupied space due to the sheer surface area created at low level when skirting the room out.

Consider EasyClean’s unique benefits:

  • Designed & Developed in cooperation with the NHS – Now part of Procure 21+ program
  • Featured in Design in Mental Health Network’s “Better Bedroom” initiative
  • Installed in the Iris Murdoch Centre – the UK’s leading research institute into dementia care
  • Provides the skirting trim & heating in one – cost effective for new build and refurbishment
  • All around comfort for all occupants – anywhere in the room
  • Low cost infection control – no deep cleans as simply wiped clean when mopping floors
  • Anti- tamper top capping & stainless steel covers – robust and secure for high risk areas
  • Hygienic top edge and floor trim – integrates into wall and coved floor coverings
  • Safe & secure – no trip or fall hazards and naturally anti ligature
  • Rapid response – controllable comfort with no over or under heating
  • Simple retro-fit – no disturbing floors or removing pipework
  • Completely free walls – to liberate your room design and your furniture layout
  • Low surface temperature option – complies with HBN 27 requirements
  • Available with contrasting top cap colour – for dementia and mental health care facilities
  • Above ground but not overhead – simple maintenance and repair
  • No “hot head” issues – suitable for users with learning difficulties or challenging behaviour
  • No “dead leg” syndrome – avoids staff complaints relating to long shifts on heated floors
  • Choice of controls – local, remote, internet or BMS enabled systems available

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