Electric powered skirting heating system

ThermaSkirt-e is a revolutionary new form of direct electric heating, designed to replace electric storage heaters and panel radiators, as well as provide a more practical, controllable & reliable alternative to electric under floor heating.

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Working in conjunction with one of Europe’s most experienced and reputable manufacturers of heating technology, Discreteheat have developed a unique thin film heating element that is bonded to the rear of a radiant panel which has been specifically designed to look like a typical skirting board profile.

These panels are simply cut to size and installed using an insulating rear-mount fixing all around the room – just like a skirting board.

ThermaSkirt-e skirting is then connected to a standard 220/240V switched fused supply which can simply be turned on and off when required – allowing you to reduce your energy consumption and keep costs to a minimum.

Once the ThermaSkirt is switched on the face of the panel heats up and radiates heat into the room in the same way that underfloor heating does but as it’s all above ground response times are much quicker and the room heats up in minutes rather than hours.


  • combines your skirting boards and heating system into one simple, cost-effective package
  • creates a more spacious environment by eliminating radiators from walls
  • is Made from an aluminium alloy that is 5 times better at emitting heat than steel
  • heats up fast like a radiator but has the comforting feel of underfloor heating when in operation
  • can work with any floor construction or finish ‐ (timber, concrete, wood, carpet, etc.)
  • is connected to a standard 220/240V switched fused supply via a programmable thermostat
  • has specially developed controls learn the heating characteristics of a room to maximise efficiency
  • provides clean, hygienic heat with no grilles, slots or fins to attract and trap dust and bacteria
  • has no trip or fall hazards usually associated with bulky radiators

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